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Even if I meet you 20 years from now, I’d still like to take a picture, get your autograph, and tell you how much you changed my life.

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I really hope for those who are praying for south korea are being serious. I really hope you guys aren’t just praying for South Korea because it’s Korea and that’s where your precious oppas are from. I really hope you aren’t praying for South Korea because that’s where Kpop is from. I’m sick of seeing the PrayForSouthKorea tag and just see a bunch of Kpop everywhere to start discussions and mention nothing about the ferrys. It is a sad tragedy, but what about other countries out there that are suffering? What about people from other countries who are starving? Living in war? All these tragedies happen daily, and no one seems to give out prayers to them. So if you’re really praying for South Korea, please be honest, and please be serious, also, think about the world too, and how so many people in this world are suffering and dying too.